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The FM band is the mostly widely listened to band, more than 75% of radio listeners are listening to 88-108 Mhz. The most attractive reason is its high quality stereo sound, and its great resistance to spark interference, such as lightning and florescent light hum. FM stations usually service between 20-100 miles, depending on wattage and transmitter antenna height. Occasionally a rare phenonmenum called sporadic reception or skip occurs, which can bring in a station from as far as 2,000 miles. Notice below stations from St.Louis and Texas. This type of long distance reception is very rare and is noted by (*skip). Another type of long distance radio reception called troposheric ducting, which is also rare, but when it does occur it brings you a look into a whole other citys radio. Rare long-range sporadic reception of this type is noted with (* troposphere duct). This type of propagation can occur any time of the year, but most often occurs during the summer, and is greatest during high sunspot periods. Tropospheric ducting brings in stations such as: WYHY (107.5), WSIX (97.9), and WLAC (105.9) all from Nashville, TN on almost a daily basis during the summertime. Other stations such as WQLT (107.3) from Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL also comes by the way of troposheric ducting.

All radio stations listed below were received within Cobb County, GA (most at a location 5 miles east of Town Center Mall) between 1987 and 2009 with Call letters or non-ids verified. If interested in DXing the FM band, you can get more information on where stations originate from or you may want to purchase a book containing complete info about broadcasting stations, such as FM Atlas by Bruce F. Elving (from FM Atlas Publishing, PO Box 336, Esko MN, 55733-0336), or the M Street Radio Directory , (edited Robert Unmacht from M Street Corporation, 54 Music Square East, Suite 201, Nashville, TN 37203, ã 2000. (615) 251-1525.)

Paul J. Lossner

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freq.- Call - Location - {Format} - wattage/height - "non-id" - ownership

88.1 WJSP Warm Springs, GA {Fine Arts&/Jazz&*} 100kw 975ft

88.5 WRAS Atlanta, GA {Variety*} 19.5kw 465ft "Album-88" GA State University

88.9 WMBW Chattanooga, TN {Religious*} 100kw 1505ft Moody Bible Institute

89.3 WRFG Atlanta, GA {Variety*} 24.5kw 150ft

90.1 WABE Atlanta, GA {News/Classical*} 95.9kw 955ft "FM-90" Atlanta Board of Education

90.5 WSMC Collegedale-Chattanooga, TN {Classical*} 100kw 550ft Southern College

90.7 WWGC Carrollton, GA {News/Variety} 500w 151ft West Georgia State Univerisy

91.1 WREK Atlanta, GA {Progressive/Variety*} 40kw 340ft Georgia Tech

91.5 WWEV Cumming, GA {Religious*} 8.9kw 961ft

91.7 WCCV Cartersville, GA {Religious*} 910w 537ft

91.9 WCLK Atlanta, GA {Jazz*} 2.5kw 300ft Clark-Atlanta University

92.1 WJGA Jackson, GA {Variety&} 2150w 375ft

92.1 WBTR Carrollton, GA {Country&} 580w 635ft

92.1 W221AW North Canton, GA translator of WCCV (91.7) Cartersville, GA

92.3 W222AF Marietta, GA translator of WCCV (91.7) Cartersville, GA

92.3 WDEF Chattanooga, TN {Soft Adult Contemporary} 100kw 870ft "Sunny-92.3"

92.5 WESC Greenville, SC {Country} 95kw 610m Clear Channel

92.9 WZGC Atlanta, GA {Classic Rock} 100kw 910ft "92.9 Dave-FM" Infinaty

93.3 WVFG Manchester-Columbus, GA {Religious} 100kw 1250ft "Joy-FM"

93.3 WKQD Tullahoma, TN

93.5 WLJA Ellijay, GA {Country Oldies-Gospel} 6kw 300ft (Moved to 101.1)

93.7 WMGB Jeffersonville-Macon, GA {CHR} 29.5kw 197m "B-93.7"

93.7 WDJC Birmingham, AL {Christian/Southern Gospel} 100kw 1006ft

93.7 WFBC Greenville, SC {CHR} 100kw 1840ft

93.9 ??? Athens, GA?? (repeater of WNYA Calabash, NC Calls Given)

94.1 WSTR Smyrna-Atlanta, GA {CHR} 100kw 1020ft "Star-94" Jefferson-Pilot

94.3 WJTT Red Bank-Chattanooga, TN {R&B} 4.7kw 371ft "Power 94"

94.5 WMUU Greenville, SC {Easy Listening/Religious} 100kw 1200ft

94.5 WAPI Birmingham, AL {CHR} 100kw 1210ft "I-95" (now WYSF Soft Rock)

94.9 WBUL Atlanta, GA {Country} 100kw 984ft "94.9-Lite FM"

95.3 WRLD Valley, AL {Country} 3kw 88m

95.5 WBTS Athens-Atlanta, GA {CHR-Dance} 100kw 1268ft Cox Communications "955-the-Beat"

95.7 WAYB Graysville-Dayton, TN {Soft Adult Contemporary} 550w 646ft "Way-FM"

96.1 WKLS Atlanta, GA {Rock} 97kw 984ft "96-Rock" Clear Channel

96.3 WRMX Murfreesboro, TN {Oldies} 52k 1286ft "Oldies 96.3" (now 96.3 Jack-FM) *troposphere duct

96.5 WDOD Chattanooga, TN {CHR} 100kw 1080ft "96-5 the Mountain"

96.5 WMJJ Birmingham, AL {Adult Contemporary} 100kw 1027ft

96.7 WMVV Peachtree City, GA {Classic Country} 1kw 543ft Clear Channel "96.7 the Legend"

96.7 KHFI Georgetown-Austin, TX {CHR} 100kw 951ft *skip

96.9 WRSA Decatur, AL {Easy Listening} 100kw 1010ft

96.9 ???? Pirate (Carribean/Foreign Language)

97.1 WFOX Gainesville, GA {Classic Rock} 84kw 1471ft "971 the River" Cox Communications

97.3 WLOV S.Pittsburg, TN {R&B Oldies} 27kw 617ft "Love FM"

97.5 WHTA Fayetteville-Atlanta, GA {R&B Oldies} 7900kw 574ft Radio One "Magic 1075 & 975"

97.5 WABB Mobile, AL {CHR-AC} 100kw 1551ft *troposphere duct

97.5 WWMS Oxford, MS {Country} 100kw 300m "Miss-98" *skip

97.7 WKCX Rome, GA {News/Classical*} 3300w 780ft "Georgia Public Radio"

97.7 WTBB Bonifay-Panama City, FL {Alternative} 100kw 253m "97-X" *skip

97.9 W250BC Riverdale, GA {Alternative} 250w TRANSLATOR "99x on 97.9" Old 99x radio station WNNX which was originally at 99.7 and moved to 99.7-HD2 for HDradio listeners when Q-100 moved from 100.5. Despite very small wattage coverage is very good even in farflung suberbs of Woodstock, Cumming, Buford and Douglasville.

97.9 WSIX Nashville, TN {Country} 100kw 1140ft

97.9 WVOK Oxford/Anniston, AL {Hot AC} 280w 1082ft "K-98" *troposphere duct

97.9 ???? Marietta, GA {Dance-CHR-Party Radio} "Dance Hits Energy 98" pirate?? (moved to 98.9?)

97.9 ???? Atlanta Area, Pirate {International Music/Many Languages}

98.1 WTXT Fayette, AL {Country} 88.9kw 905ft "98-TXT"

98.1 KYKY St. Louis, MO {CHR} 100kw 1027ft "Y-98" *skip

98.1 WPEK Seneca, SC {CHR} 100kw 997ft "New Hot 981"

98.1 KNRJ (K257CD/K292DF) Payson-Pheonix-Flagstaff,AZ pirate?? {CLASSIC HIP HOP} "927 & 993 the Beat"
This station has a strong, but irregular signal and sometimes follows the online stream but not always. Definately a Pirate, not original signal, because of regular occurance and most notably: not one of the callsigns or translators are licensed on this frequency. Interesting new Radio Format.

98.1 ???? Holly Springs,GA?? pirate?? {Dance-CHR} "Energy-98-FM" (maybe the same as 98.9?)

98.5 WSB Atlanta, GA {Adult Contemporary} 100kw 1020ft "B-98.5" Cox Communications

98.7 WBHK Warrior/Birmingham, AL {Soft Urban} 31k 620ft "Kiss-98.7 FM"

98.9 ???? PIRATE? Marietta, GA {Dance-Techno-CHR-Party Radio} "Energy 98" "NE Marietta's Party Station" pirate??
This station is probably the same broadcaster as the 97.9 and 101.9 Marietta Pirate entries as the music is of similar style.
The "NE Marietta's Party Station" statement was also used with Wild Variety PowerTunes 101.9 Radio Station in the late 1990's during dance programming on the weekends.

98.9 WBAM Montgomery, AL {CHR} 100kw 1096ft

98.9 WQMT Chatsworth, GA {Country} 6kw 300ft

98.9 WSPA Spartanburg, SC 100kw 582m {AC} "Light-Rock-98.9"

99.1 WAHR Huntsville, AL {Oldies-AC} 100kw 984ft "Radio-99"

99.1 WAYS Macon, GA {Oldies} 100kw 660ft "Oldies-99.1"

99.3 WCON Cornelia, GA {Country} 19kw 807ft

99.3 W257AZ Lookout Mt, TN translator of WLOV 97.3 S.Pittsburg, TN

99.5 WZRR Birmingham, AL {Classic Rock} 100kw 1000ft "Classic Rock-99"

99.7 WWWQ Atlanta, GA {CHR} 100kw 1032ft "Q-100" (moved from 100.5) Susquehanna Radio
(WNNX 99.7 99x Alternative Format now availiable on 99.7 HD-2)

100.1 WPUP? xx-Athens, GA {Rock} 25kw 328ft (Simulcasts 103.7 WPUP in Royston/Athens)

100.1 WFXM Forsyth, GA {R&B} 950w 571ft "Foxie-100"

100.3 WVNA Tuscumbia, AL {CHR} 100kw 995ft "FM-100"

100.3 WVVR Hopkinsville, KY {Country} 100kw 602ft "The-Beaver" *troposphere duct

100.3 WOKI Oak Ridge, TN {Country} 100kw 200ft "The-Hit-Kicker" *skip

100.5 WNNX College Park-Atlanta, GA {Rock} unknown "Rock 100.5" Susquehanna Radio
(WNNX 99.7 99x Alternative Format now availiable on 99.7 HD-2)

100.5 WHMA Anniston, AL {Country} unknown "Alabama-100"

100.7 WGHR Marietta, GA (License Revoked??) Southern Tech

100.7 WUSY Cleveland, TN {Country} 100kw 1190ft "US-101"

100.9 W265AV Woodstock, GA translator of WCCV (91.7) Cartersville

101.1 WLJA Ellijay, GA {Country Oldies-Gospel} kw unknown ft (WAGA-TV5 News 6pm) (moved from 93.5)

101.1 WRRS Cullman, AL {Oldies/Adult Comtemporty} 100kw 1339ft

101.1 WROQ Anderson, SC {Classic Rock} 100kw 987ft "Rock-101"

101.5 WKHX Marietta, GA {Country} 100kw 984ft "Kicks-101.5"

101.9 WHHY Montgomery, AL {CHR} 100kw 1096ft "Y-102"

101.9 KIYS Jonesboro, AR {CHR} 100kw 1059ft "101.9 Kiss FM" *troposphere duct

101.9 WAZX Cleveland, GA {Spainish} 3kw 328ft

101.9 ???? Marietta,GA?? pirate?? {AC-CHR-Dance-Alternative} "Wild Variety Powertunes FM"

101.9 WSGC Ringgold, GA {Classic Hits} 741w 659ft

102.1 WDRM Decatur, AL {Country} 100kw 981ft "Country-102-FM"

102.3 WQTU Rome, GA {CHR} 440w 804ft "Q-102"

102.3 WLKQ Buford, GA {Spainish} 3300w 400ft "Lake-102"

102.5 WGHR Marietta, GA {Progressive/Variety*} 17w 250ft (License Revoked??)

102.5 WOWC Jasper-Birmingham, AL {Country} 78.5k 2096ft "102-Wow-FM"

102.5 WAWE Mableton, GA {Gospel} 3kw 328ft "Praise 102.5" Radio One

102.7 WCKS Fruithurst, AL-Carrollton, GA {CHR-Hot AC} 1650w 660ft "Kiss-102.7"

102.7 WBDX Trenton-Chattanooga, TN

102.9 WVRK Columbus, GA {Rock} 100kw 1521ft "Rock 103"

102.9 ???? Atlanta, GA {Hip-Hop} unknown "Atlanta's New 102.9-Streets FM"

102.9 WMJE Clarkesville-Gainesville, GA {Adult Contemporary} 3kw 328ft "Magic-102.9"

102.9 WZPC Shelbyville/Nashville {Alternative-New Rock} 100kw 955ft "Buzz 102.9" *troposphere duct

103.3 WVEE Atlanta, GA {R&B} 100kw 1020ft "V-103" Infinity

103.3 WKDF Nashville, TN {Country} 100kw 1233ft "Country Music City 103" *troposphere duct OVERTOOK V-103 Here in Atlanta!!

103.5 WZSN Greenwood, SC {Soft AC} 25kw 328ft "Sunny 103.5"

103.7 WQEN Gadsden-Birmingham, AL {CHR} 100kw 1080ft "Birmingham's New Q"

103.7 WPUP Royston-Athens, GA {Rock} 25kw 328ft (simulcasts with 101.1)

104.1 WALR LaGrange-Atlanta, GA {R&B Oldies} 50kw 1313ft "Kiss-104.1 FM"

104.3 WKHC Dahlonega, GA {Country} 3.7kw 127m "Gold 104.3-FM"

104.3 WZYP Athens-Huntsville, AL {CHR} 100kw 459ft "104.3-ZYP"

104.5 WYYU Dalton, GA {Adult Contemporary} 6kw 328ft "U-104.5"

104.7 WFSH Athens,GA {Contemporary Christian} 100kw 1025ft "104.7 the Fish"

105.1 WQSB Albertville-Gadsden, AL {Country} 100kw 1000ft

105.1 WHEL Helen, GA {News-Talk (parallel to WGST AM-640} 1680w 613ft "AM-640 WGST"

105.3 WBZY Bowdon-Atlanta, GA {Spainish} unknown Clear Channel

105.3 WDEN Macon, GA {Country} 100kw 145ft "Best-Country-105"

105.7 WWVA Canton-Atlanta, GA {AC/Rhythmic} 20kw 492ft "Groove @ 105.7" Clear Channel
Closest station (outside of pirates) to Dance format in the Southeast outside of Florida. Plays 70s, 80s, 90s,
and current dance and R&B tracks. Very heavy in 70s Disco music, no techno or Eurodance
(but with such a different format, that introduction would be a gradual introduction).
May be a temporary format until switchover to Christmas Format.

105.9 WNRQ Nashville, TN {Classic Rock} 100kw 1233ft "The Rock" *troposphere duct

106.1 WSTH Alexander City, AL-Columbus {Country} 100kw 984ft "South-106"

106.1 WNGC Toccoa, GA {Country} 98kw 899ft

106.3 WQBZ Fort Valley-Macon, GA {Rock} 1749w 415ft "Q-106"

106.3 WBTG Sheffield, AL {Southern Gospel} 6kw 682ft

106.5 WSKZ Chattanooga, TN {Classic Rock} 100kw 1080ft "KZ-106"

106.7 WYAY Gainesville-Atlanta, GA {Country} 100kw 1400ft "Y-106.7"

106.9 WODL Birmingham, AL {80s Oldies} 100kw 1150ft "106.9 the Max"

107.1 WTSH Rockmart-Rome, GA {Country} 50kw 492ft "South-107"

107.3 WQLT Florence-Huntsville, AL {Adult Contemporary} 100kw 1000ft "Q-107"

107.3 WCGQ Columbus, GA {Adult Contemporary} 100kw 1011ft "Lite-107.3"

107.5 WJZZ? Roswell, GA {R&B Oldies} 6kw 100ft "Magic 1075 & 975" (Flipped from Jazz Format) Radio One

107.5 WYHY Lebanon-Nashville, TN {CHR} 57kw 1233ft (now WRVW "The-River")

107.5 WKXI Maggee-Jackson, MS {RB-CH} 100kw 981ft "Kixie-107" *skip

107.7 WRAX Birmingham, AL {New Rock} 100kw 1237ft "107-7-the-X"

107.9 WHTA Fayetteville-Atlanta,GA {R&B-Rap} 100kw unknown "Hot 107-9"

107.9 WJRX East Ridge-Chattanooga, TN {Oldies} 3kw 328ft "GT-108"

 1 Broadcast information (including call letters, transmit site and technical data) taken from M Street Radio Directory, (edited Robert Unmacht from M Street Corporation, 54 Music Square East, Suite 201, Nashville, TN 37203, ã 2000. (615) 251-1525). Additional update information provided by FM Atlas by Bruce F. Elving from FM Atlas Publishing, PO Box 336, Esko MN, 55733-0336; FCC databases, and actual on air announcements.

 2 List Last Updated 02/22/2003; Out of town format, call, and non-ID's changes may not have been noticed at last update.

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